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A Christmas for the Books (2018)

A Christmas for the Books (2018)

IMDb 6.8 90min/movie
Lifestyle guru and romance expert, Joanna Moret, has developed a fool-proof strategy for ending holiday loneliness and it's all detailed in her best-selling book, The Love Audit. After appearing on a morning show, she is offered the biggest opportunity of her career—to throw the MacAllen Holiday Gala—and if all goes well she'll get her own TV show. Little do her fans, or the MacAllen's, know that she is newly single and can't seem to apply her principles to her own love life. Joanna asks the morning show producer, Ted to pretend they are a couple or risk being exposed as a fraud.
Genre: Country: CA
Rating: 1 / 3 times Release: 2018-12-22 Quality: HD
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